KC Ashmore has strived to provide every client the highest level of service, whatever and whenever their needs arise. KC is proud to serve our community in a number of ways, but chiefly as a volunteer in the Rockwall Bar Association’s Board of Directors, as a former 3 time chair of the Dallas Bar Association’s Home Project, benefiting Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity, as a volunteer builder/coordinator for Habitat’s project in Terrell, Texas, as an officer in the DFW-South Texas College of Law Alumni Association, and working with Veteran’s history groups in Dallas and Rockwall Counties.

KC has served a variety of individuals, businesses, designers, corporations, employers, and manufacturers in all kinds of litigation matters, including criminal matters, assault family violence cases, family disputes, wills and estate matters, complex white collar criminal matters, and all forms of business contract disputes (including agreements related to non-competes, non-solicitation, misappropriation of trade secrets, theft/conversion of trade secrets, product liability, business divorce/dissolution, shareholder oppression, contractor rights on public and private projects, creditors rights in Bankruptcy, municipal contracts, seizure of property and foreclosures, etc. KC has had the privilege to represent individuals and owners of companies in the rotationally molded plastics industry, automotive and heavy truck manufacturing, marine, power generation, HVAC, diesel, fluid engineering and control, and petrochemical fields.

KC has extensive experience and has achieved favorable results for clients as an advocate briefing and arguing innovative points of law, including jurisdictional challenges, defending clients accused of serious offenses that threaten their liberty,  as well as due process matters (Equitable Bill of Review/Restricted Appeal), discovery disputes, summary judgment practice, evidentiary and expert challenges, trial briefs and appeals, third party liability claims, as well as comprehensive investigation and deposition experience, including taking and defending complex fact, expert, party and non-party witness depositions in multi-party litigation.

KC has experience prosecuting and defending various industrial, plastics (roto-mold, or rotationally molded plastics, as well as other plastic manufacturers), automotive, heavy equipment machinery manufacturers, etc., in contract disputes as well as representing individuals in component part product-liability and other claims. KC’s experience in these contract and tort claims (property damage, personal injury, and wrongful death cases) has included nationwide participation in the discovery process, voluminous document inspections/productions, product/site inspections, discovery matters and disputes, etc. KC also has experience in manufacturing plant negligence cases brought by contractors, as well as employment related matters.

KC had the distinction to serve two terms as a Judicial Clerk on one of Texas’ highest appellate courts, The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals. At the Court, KC’s duties included analyzing voluminous appeals, including capital crimes, for constitutional error, researching/drafting court and scholarly memoranda regarding complex legal issues ranging from search and seizure, lesser included offenses, actual innocence claims, capital punishment, constitutional derivations from Miranda laws, jury selection, and punishment enhancements.

KC also had the privilege to serve as a law clerk at Texas’ 165th Civil District Court, managing the court’s dispositive motion docket and briefing each and every issue where relief was sought as a matter of law, developing a uniform briefing process, and memorializing rulings on specific issues to increase efficiency and conserve judicial resources.

KC is a proud veteran of the United States Coast Guard, Search and Rescue, Semper Paratus 1992-96.

KC Ashmore is married and lives in Rockwall, Texas with his wife and children, and enjoys spending time with his family, the outdoors, motorcycling, and supporting his community through Habitat for Humanity building projects and other endeavors.

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