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Businesses build their operations on the strength of their agreements with other companies and individuals. Depending on their subject matter, contracts

should be adhered to, and honored. When one side fails to live up to the

obligations and expectations as set forth in an agreement, that is known as a

breach of contract.

Breach of a business contract can have a serious impact on your company’s

operations and may weaken your company’s business reputation or worse,

its financial health (depending on the type of claim, as breach of contract can

create issues giving rise to temporary or permanent injunctions/cessation of

business operations). When your company is facing a breach of contract

(whether it is accused of breach or is alleging another party has breached a

contract) immediate strategic action is necessary to deal with and mitigate

the negative impact.

At Ashmore & Ashmore, we have achieved significant, positive results representing businesses involved in breach of contract disputes. Our lawyers will bring a seasoned experienced and collaborative approach to our clients’ cases. If we ultimately conclude that the best way to promote your business’ interests is to take the case to trial,

or instead, negotiate a settlement, rest assured that each step or

recommendation we make will be geared to preserving your business’

financial resources.

Our firm has represented business owners of all sizes, small partnerships

and individual professionals in the medical, petrochemical, aerospace, leasing, construction (residential and commercial/industrial), engineering, fluid control,

HVAC, technology, pharmaceutical, and other industries as well as privately

and publicly held corporations and appeared as representatives on both sides

of the bar, both prosecuting and defending our clients’ contract rights against

private parties and government entities. While we cannot guarantee any

particular business or litigation result, we will give you a realistic evaluation

of your case’s strengths/weaknesses.


A representative sample of cases Ashmore & Ashmore has successfully litigated includes but is not limited to, the following:

  • Business torts/disputes, involving allegations of failure to perform, breaches of fiduciary duties, contract interference, business defamation, etc.;

  • Trade secrets – contract cases involving the defense or prosecution of a trade secret theft/misappropriation/conversion;

  • Construction contract/commercial properties – breach of contract involving construction projects, including public works construction projects, lien procedures on private work projects, and bond procedures on public works construction projects, as well as commercial leases;

  • Fraud and theft – breach of contract involving allegations of conversion, theft or fraud regarding real and personal property, including matters that fall under the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), Texas Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act, Texas Turnover Statute, etc.;

  • Employment – contracts involving issues related to employment agreements;

  • Partnership dissolution/disputes-contracts disputes involving partnerships, shareholder oppression claims, minority shareholder claims, business divorce(s), etc.

  • Aircraft maintenance leases-contracts involving disputes over artisan’s or mechanic’s liens on aircrafts, etc.

The Contract

Texas Contract Lawyer

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