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Texas Theft & White Collar Crimes Lawyer

The common perception of theft charges are breaking, entering, mugging, and other similar violations. Theft, however, can include a broad range of activities that can lead to illegally acquiring property and including:

  • Identity theft

  • Check, wire, mail, and Internet fraud

  • unauthorized use of a credit card

  • Forgery, embezzlement, and employee theft

All theft charges can be enhanced, and the circumstances of your case can increase the severity of the charge, for example, the use of force or threat of force (gun crime=more time), and the value of the stolen property can cause increase to charged offenses. Force is not restricted to guns, and includes even raising a fist. If you have been accused of a theft crime, including theft, burglary, robbery, and fraud, contact KC Ashmore to discuss your case. At Ashmore & Ashmore, we will advocate on your behalf to put you in the best possible position to negotiate or defend your case.


The state and federal governments have extensive resources to fight crime. The FBI and other law enforcement agencies have vast resources at their disposal to investigate allegations of fraud and other white collar crimes. Citizens who are the targets of such investigations may not even aware of a pending investigation until significant evidence has already been collected against them.

Ashmore & Ashmore will provide you the resources, experience and determination you need to defend yourself, within the limits of the law, from the state and federal governments in white collar crime matters. White collar crime cases demand prompt attention, proactive defense at investigation stages and creative defense strategies throughout the case. Resolving cases through restitution could result in the matter being closed — preserving your reputation, your career and your livelihood. 

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