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At Ashmore & Ashmore Law Firm we are always on your side. We're BIG enough to fight & small enough to care. 

Free Consultations Always

Texas Family, Personal Injury, Criminal Defense & Business Litigation Law Firm

Founded in 2014 - Veteran Owned - Rockwall & Terrell Texas 

Ashmore & Ashmore Law Firm is a litigation firm located in Rockwall & Terrell, TX that offers customized legal solutions for individuals and businesses. Our experienced attorneys are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and helping you navigate the complex legal system with confidence.

KC is a proud veteran of the United States Coast Guard's Search and Rescue team, having served from 1992-96. He now serves his community through law.

Jennifer, wife & business partner, is active in the Rockwall community, where she, KC, and their children live, play, and work. She is passionate about personal injury cases and enjoys advocating for her clients' best interests.

KC & Jennifer Ashmore
Rockwall Texas Small Business


At Ashmore & Ashmore, we always begin with a FREE initial consultation to understand the dispute, agreements, and other relevant factors before taking on a case. During the consultation, we thoroughly analyze the optimal course of action tailored to your specific situation. Whether in person at one of our offices or via phone or Zoom, we customize a legal solution that we believe is best for you.


When my husband and I needed expert legal advice on a personal situation Jennifer was the first person I thought of. Through our networking channeling I learned about Ashmore & Ashmore law practice and I am glad I did! If I had to describe our experience the words that come to mind immediately are: Extremely experienced, honest beyond belief Efficient and Quick 💜 The list can go on and on.. If you are looking for legal advice from knowledgeable people then give them a call today.

Helen Patterson

Rockwall Texas Small Business
KC Ashmore
An open floor office space with Wishbones and office chairs, tables, desks, and art._edite


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