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Arraignment Process: What to expect.

So what is the arraignment process, and what can you expect? Well, the arraignment process is where a client is brought into court, the court appoints an attorney or the client has an attorney. The indictment is read in open court:

  • What's your name, is it spelled correctly?

  • Do you understand the nature of the allegation against you

  • Judge reads charges to you

  • Judge asks how you plea, guilty or not guilty

And then the process starts, the defendant can either accept responsibility right then and there, which is not usually the case, or the defendant elects to make a plea of not guilty and continues to work with the state prosecutors office, through their counsel and attorney to resolve their case accordingly.

The plea is essentially the beginning, it's the first hearing, that's the arraignment process and the charging process in the state of Texas.

So these first critical steps from the 911 call to the arraignment, the first court hearing where the defendant stands before the judge in open court, has their charge read aloud and enters their first plea on the record, of whether or not they're accepting responsibility for what's alleged.

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