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Contributions During Divorce Proceedings : PART 1

KC Ashmore here, and today we're starting a series on contributions, as it relates to Texas Family Law we're going to be talking a little bit about family law and have some questions that come up frequently in the practice what about my contribution. These questions come up about "how do I get that back from the community," especially when we're talking about property division and division of marital assets. That's a very difficult one to answer, but, let's say you're in the HVAC industry and you make a capital improvement to the marital home by buying an HVAC unit, installing all the duct work , and doing what would be a ten thousand dollar job, all yourself. Who's keeping the benefit of that labor? The labor itself, that's very difficult to quantify because no check was written for that, and that's part of the detriment of the community property right? Physical labor contributions are really not reimbursable , you know for example your hourly rate that you might charge another private citizen on that same type of job, that's not something you can easily compensate back out of the community state, because that's considered your contribution into the community estate. That's part of what you bring into that community estate, that's how you bring value into that community of state....


This is a multi part series that we'll be focusing on this week! Check back Wednesday for part 2!

Here is the latest video:



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