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Criminal Case? What you should know!

1. Felony Convictions are Forever Felonies can lead to significant time in prison, anywhere from 5-30 years, and come with a large fine up to $20,000. If you find yourself convicted of a felony, this record will stay with you forever. If you find yourself convicted again later on down the road, you could also be facing a harsher punishment the second time around. 2. Convicted Felons Face Many Challenges If you're convicted of a felony, you could have trouble after the fact with the following:

  • buying or renting a home

  • being approved for insurance

  • getting a professional license

  • lose your right to vote

  • cannot carry a firearm

This type of conviction can and will lead to a lifetime of consequences.

3. Driving While Intoxicated Is A Criminal Defense A lot of times, people don't think much of a normal traffic violation, the problem comes when the violations become more severe. If you driving while intoxicated, this violation can be punished to the full extent of the law. If you are found guilty this offense will stay on your record forever. 4. Criminal Defense Cases Are Tricky Criminal cases can be complicated, that comes at no surprise I am sure. You could have search issues, technical issues, testing issues and differing witness statements, that can mean life or death for your case, so to speak.

5. Ashmore & Ashmore is experienced and here for you! If you find yourself facing criminal charges, make sure you have an experienced attorney working with you on your case. Don't slip through the cracks, give Ashmore and Ashmore a call today.

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