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Did you know? We handle business law?

KC Ashmore is a business law attorney and has had the privilege to represent businesses of all sizes in all kinds of business disputes, and has achieved favorable results for his clients. Business disputes can be complex and confusing, to ensure the future of your business is secure, you will need an attorney with both the knowledge and experience needed to navigate the complicated nature of these areas of law

Our attorneys have extensive experience in all areas of Business Law negotiations and disputes, including but not limited to: acquisitions, merger, commercial dispute, shareholder oppression or buy out of shares, contract or commercial lease negotiations, shareholder rights or business disputes and will handle these complex legal matters while providing clients with close, personal service whenever, and wherever they may need assistance.

The broad knowledge and experience of the attorneys at our law firm has proven to be invaluable in advising business owners about practical and cost effective methods that are targeted to control costs and achieve effective and quick results.

Alternatively, our attorneys are staunch believers in the jury system, and are willing, ready, and able, to take every client matter to trial; you will get your day in court.

Ashmore & Ashmore has had the distinction to represent clients in the following areas:

  • Business disputes

  • Business formations (creating business entities)

  • Civil disputes (Civil Litigation)

  • Debt Collection

  • Commercial Law

  • Contracts

  • Contract Negotiations

  • Community Association and Home Owners Association matters

  • Corporate Matters

  • Corporate Transactions

  • Debtor/Creditor Rights

  • Finance Law

  • Formation of Business Entities

  • Non-Competition Agreements

  • Power Of Attorney

  • Real Estate Law

  • Unfairly Treated Minority Stockholders (Shareholder Oppression)

  • Structuring Business Ventures



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