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Divorce? Who get's what?

So who get's what in divorce? What are contributions?

This part 2 of a two part video series.

Divorce is the name of the game in this weeks videos! Here at Ashmore and Ashmore, we have some kick ass divorce attorneys- one of the main questions we get here in the office is, who get's what? Who get's the money, who gets the house, how do we get compensated for home improvements and how do we get compensated for installations and work we did at home?
We're here to tell you, who gets what, in divorce!

Check out the first half of our video here:

Check out the second half of our video here:

Continued from Monday: "If the other spouse is going to keep the benefits of the service, we may be able to work it out on the backend - but otherwise it's very difficult to compensate for something that doesn't have hard expenses. If you build something in your home, you're not going to get that time and money spent, back in your divorce when dividing assets. Unless it comes down to it in the split, who gets this amount and who get's that amount. Remember it's all capitol contributions. Nothing is perfect or simple, it just has to be "just and right." The more you can compromise, or give up some certain rights, the better off you'll be. Otherwise if you go down to the courthouse, you may end up with a deal you didn't want, am I right? Fair doesn't happen in family law, just and right, happens in family law."

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