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Who is Gabby Petito

Gabby Petito was was originally from NY, she lived with her boyfriend and his parents in North Port, Florida. In the beginning of 2019, the two of them started traveling the country together, and the documented their trips on all of their social media platforms: YouTube, Instagram, and Tis Tok.

On July 2 of 2021, they left from Long Island on a cross-country drive, visiting national parks and springs in their camper van. Gabby was essentially documenting their entire journey, until things took a turn for the worse on August 12th.

The pair was spotted fighting publicly while visiting Utah, and a bystander called the police. The officers that arrived, deterred that Gabby was causing the "trouble," the two were separated, the case handled and the pair was able to move on with their travels the following day.

Fast forward to September 1, less than a month later, her boyfriend returns home to Florida WITHOUT Gabby....

Since then, chaos has ensued. Looking for Gabby and locating her boyfriend became a full time fascination within the media...

Next up, we're talking all about the case, and how things went down after September 1.

Tonight, KC Ashmore is giving us his wisdom on the case, Part 1 airs tonight at 7:30pm on our YOUTUBE channel:

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