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Family Violence Charges? Help!

Family Violence: Class C Misdemeanor🧑‍⚖️

What you should know:

+Any LEVEL can possibly carry the same gravity as a felony conviction for family violence.

+Class C Misdemeanor= Fine in normal first charge cases

👉🏻How can it change?

+An affirmative finding of family violence, jeopardizes your second amendment rights.

👉🏻What's at risk?

+Adopting a child, owning a fire arm...etc

Find yourself in trouble again?

If you find yourself facing an additional class C misdemeanor, it is then ENHANCED, or a class A, can be enhanced.

Once you've been charged twice for the same family violence charge, you go down a road where, because you have a prior, (you pled guilty) that still counts as a conviction and it all adds up.

If it ever occurs again, your charges get higher, the stakes get higher....


👉🏻So, you've been charged, what can you lose?

+the right to own firearms

+the right to adopt

+the right to rent an apartment

The list can be lengthy with this kind of charge. When someone pulls up your record, a family violence charge is going to weigh heavy.

Second offence?

👉🏻Allegations are the name of the game

+brush up against someone?

+they feel fearful or in danger because of you?


Allegations are serious- Don't take it lightly, don't resolve it lightly.

👉🏻This type of case carries HUGE consequences.

Make sure you have the right council to get you through it.




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