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Gabby Petito: Part 2

On Monday, part 1 of our blog about Gabby Petito left off when her boyfriend arrived home without her, from their cross country road trip.

Once home from their trip, the story get's bizarre!

The short of it all, is that her boyfriend returned home alone. Neither he or his parents cooperated with the police about finding Gabby, or helping to find her. Shortly after he "returned home," the police and public quickly realized, the boyfriend had gone missing.

As the weeks have gone on, the boyfriend was said to have been hiding in a Florida reserve, near to his parents home. Authorities have searched there for weeks on end with nothing being shared with the public on if they had any promising leads.

The search for the boyfriend was one of the largest man hunts this area of Florida had ever seen. Day in and day out, they pressed through the tough Florida terrain.

Many locals and families also joined the search, in their own vehicles and on their own time. Gabby's family joined the search many times, but for some reason, the boyfriends family NEVER joined the search. They eluded authorities at all turns, and kept out of the media as much as they could. Some were even calling them uncooperative, causing speculation that they possibly might be helping their son escape or hide. This is what seems to have brought so much attention to the case, the fact that there was so little assistance from the boyfriends family, it gave the case a more suspect feeling, simply because everyone was so hush hush about it.

Stay tuned for part 3!

Check out our Youtube channel to view Part 2 of our video series, here:



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