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Gabby Petito: Part 3 Blog

We're continuing our series on Gabby Petito this week on your Youtube Channel, and will continue our blogs on the case, thought the series. Tonight is part 3 to our blogs! Check the blog for part 1 and 2 previously posted last week!

On September 19, the FBI held a press conference sharing that they found a body they believed to be Petitos remains, in Teton National Forest. They confirmed that Gabby's boyfriend was still missing, and was still a person of interest, they also declared the house where the boyfriend and Gabby lived together with the boyfriends parents, to be an official crime scene. The preliminary autopsy determined her death to be a homicide.

The FBI issued an arrest warrant for Laundrie.

On September 24, a federal court approved the arrest warrant for the boyfriend, who was still missing since September 17th, charging him with "unauthorized access to devices" which was specific to charges he had placed on debit and credit cards that were in Gabby's name.

They stated the charges were placed on her cards, after her death and were not related to her actual demise. At this point in the story timeline, the police are focusing on locating the boyfriend....

To be continued

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