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Heading to Trial?

We know going to trial isn't ideal or always in the plans however sometimes it's necessary. Some family law cases go to trial despite attempts to settle beforehand. At Ashmore & Ashmore Law Firm, we have first hand experience with divorce, child custody, and annulments in Texas. We have experience with both taking cases to trial amicably settling cases if that is an option.

We have put together some information that we find helpful to give to clients before they head to trial. While this advice is general, we provide specifics to our clients.

You May Not Be Able to Tell the Judge Everything You Want to Say

The law requires the judge to make decisions based on certain information, evidence. The judge will disregard information that is irrelevant to what he or she needs to know to make the decisions necessary.

We understand that this reality can be emotionally difficult for some clients.

Unfortunately, too much irrelevant or redundant information can distract the judge from good arguments and evidence.

Our family law attorneys can help you understand which evidence the judge needs to know and present it to your advantage.

You May Need to Change Strategy at Trial

You may find that as the trial progresses, it may become clear that the judge likes some of your arguments better than others. This means you may need to abandon your favorite arguments or exhibits and focus on backups. This is our where our knowledge shines. We can understand the ins and outs of trial strategies.

There Is A Chance Trial Will Not Go "Perfectly"

No matter how well prepared you are, it is likely that the trial will not go perfectly. If you testify, you will be cross-examined. Witnesses do not always say things the way you wish they would say them. And of course, the other side gets to tell their story. Our attorneys can help you cope with and overcome the curveballs.

The Trial May Not Be The End Of The Case

After the judge has ruled at trial, there may be the potential for post-judgment motions and appeals if the case warrants. If the trial doesn't go your way, don't fret, we are on your side. If you do win the case we will work alongside you to wait for the motion and appeals deadlines to pass.

We are here to help, always and ready to serve. Schedule your FREE consultation today!



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