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Holiday Gift Guide: Give the Gift of Experience

Holiday Gift Guide that will have your friends and family, jumping for joy! Wrap it up or take them to a local hot spot, you're sure to have them smiling from ear to ear with the help of this guide!

Happy Holiday's and Merry Christmas from all of us at Ashmore & Ashmore!

We've been sharing a few of our "favorite" gifts, and this week we're sharing our favorite experiences! Have you jumped on this new trend of giving the gift of a trip or visit to a local business rather than a wrapped gift under the tree?

Here are a few of our favorite experiences to give as gifts!

  • The Zoo

  • Movie Theatre

  • Beach Trip

  • Actual Vacation Trip

  • Bounce House

  • Skating Rink

  • Disney World

  • Theme Park

  • Indoor Theme Park

  • Indoor Trampoline Park

  • Ice Skating

  • In person shopping spree

  • Sporting event

  • Water Park

  • Show or performance

Where would your ideal place be to take a "gift of a trip?"

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