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I need a lawyer, what does it cost? Investing in your case 101

So you need a lawyer, and the first thing you think of is money, am I right? Naturally you have questions about your money and where your investments will be used.

A smart attorney once said, you can only sell a few things in a law office, and that is:

  • a relationship

  • the results

  • the bill

Do we agree with that 100%, no probably not, BUT I can see the value in it.

Here at Ashmore & Ashmore we strive to get your money as far as it can go. There are no fillers and no fake news.

The Relationship:

Our relationship with our clients is incredibly important. We want to make sure you're comfortable with us, and that we can have an open dialogue to better serve you. The better we communicate and foster a relationship, the better we can serve our clients.

The Results:

Results are important, am I right?

We strive to get the outcome our clients want every single time.

The Bill:

Today, we're specifically talking about your first initial consultation. It's our job as attorneys to break down the different phases we'll go through during your case. Cases take turns all the time, we have to pivot and duck and fight all the time. During your initial consultation we'll go over what to expect, and where and how your money may be used.

It's our obligation to explain the rounds of your case in full and to your complete understanding.

Once you understand where your money goes, and how it's used...we can all be on the same page, which leaves you with less questions.

More on this subject this week!

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