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Interview with KC Ashmore: What is it like owning a local Rockwall Business?

This week, we had the pleasure of interviewing KC Ashmore, co-owner of Ashmore & Ashmore located in Rockwall and Terrell, Texas. We're thrilled to share with you, all of KC's "why" and the ins and outs of why they chose to build a business in their own community.

What made you want to start YOUR OWN law firm?

I knew I could “do this better,” that I could serve my client’s better, doing it the Ax2 way.

When considering starting your own business, what were your main concerns in relation to your family and how the business may or may not affect your family life?

Fear, of letting my family down, of letting myself down, and whether or not we could do this and whether it would actually let me spend more time with my family.

What is the number one thing you've learned as a small business owner?

Be as master of your time, and don’t waste it; and, I should have started Ax2 sooner.

What are your favorite local small businesses? 

Black Level AV; Assured Electrical; Doc’s Residential Roofing; Wasden Plumbing; Bin 303; Zanata; Wells Burger; Book Club

In another life, what would an alternate career path look like? 


• Why start a business in Rockwall?

Bloom where you’re planted, and stop wasting your life 2 hours a day commuting in traffic.

• What are your top three tips for someone starting their own small business?

You can do this; you must believe in yourself.

Invest in your education constantly.

Write your goals down every day to remind your self why you keep going; to keep yourself accountable; and to take pride when you accomplish a goal.

• Where do you see Ashmore & Ashmore 10 years from now? 

Ax2 is THE leader in legal services in North Texas and beyond, with a host of products and services to help clients defend their liberty, their family, and their property, and a leader in mentoring small business owners to grow and develop their own law firms/small businesses.



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