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Is your divorce going to be contentious?

Not all divorces wind up being contentious, but the ones that do are often difficult to navigate and involve a lot of disagreements between spouses. This can make the process take longer, and you have to make sure that your spouse isn’t doing things to take advantage of the situation.

One way that spouses can do this is by hiding assets and lying about their income or expenses during the divorce proceedings. They might also try to leave you with little or no child support or alimony when it comes time for you to finalize things.

When it comes to divorce, some people will bend and break the rules for their own financial gain. You need to be able to work through such a situation.

People are not supposed to hide assets when they divorce. They are supposed to fully disclose everything that they own. However, some people will attempt to bend or break these rules for their own financial gain, and you need to know how to work through such a situation.

At Ashmore & Ashmore Law Firm in Rockwall & Terrell Texas we are experienced and knowledgable in both contentious and noncontenious divorces. We are on your side and will look out for your best interest.


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