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Real life & perseverance through hard times!

Today, lets chat real life scenarios. The situations where clients can let their litigation jeopardy. that they had put themselves in really overcome their wherewithal their self-control their restraint and just blew up panic attack and made a bad but not unworkable situation so much worse so hope and perseverance are hand in hand what

Your case can become so much worse if you let panic and the overwhelming feelings creep in.You have to keep the hope and perseverance in the for front of your m ind.

You have to persuade your client, and for lack of a better word, you've got to sell your client on hope and perseverance and also yourself, right? But you, the client must not give up hope, and you must keep persevering, right?

We have a sign in our office that means, just this. "Don't give up the Ship," don't give up on everything, and the challenges of remaining hopeful and persevering are you know, failure. Even worse than failure is just catastrophic collapse, and we've all seen friends and family members or loved ones, or what have you, people who have given up hope, and what that does to their mental psyche and people who stop persevering, what that does to what they can accomplish, how many great talented people, friends, family, loved ones, ex boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, have we seen stop persevering. And you know persevering is so critical ,you know one of our presidents

"Calvin Coolidge said that it among everything else was omnipotent, it means it was all-powerful persistence. In itself is all-powerful, so the absence of persistence ,we're talking catastrophic failure a systemic failure that you cannot recover from"

If that happens, you're unable to overcome the doubts, the lack of hope in your own mind, and then you stop trying, you stop persevering, and you lose all power, right? Thats absolutely something you cannot do in any kind of litigation matter. I don't care what it is, if it's a probate matter, if it's a family law case, especially a family law case, criminal matters , especially criminal law matters and civil cases that can be so financially and emotionally exhausting. But if you give up hope and you stop trying, you stop persevering. Those are all lost, they are completely lost, and you will have a very very difficult if not impossible time, getting momentum back. Right? Overcoming that failure of hope and failure to persevere, you know?

I am going to focus on some criminal examples but they have one challenge after another, the first of which is you just got smacked in the face with a lawsuit. If it's in a criminal context, it's a lawsuit regarding your criminal conduct right where you are the sole focus of an investigation, and worse that your government, your political subdivision, whether that's the us attorney's office in whatever district you live in, or the state district attorney's office, in whatever county you live in, has focused all of their unlimited resources. Mind you I said unlimited resources, to convict you of some allegation that is a crushing amount of pressure, and it's really hard to maintain hope and persevere under that kind of pressure. Especially when there are multiple charges, especially when you're a repeat offender, especially when you're poor, especially when you're black, especially when you have a court appointed lawyer, you're hispanic and you don't speak English, right? These are things that can be absolutely devastating.

How do you maintain hope and perseverance in these scenarios?

We're going to focus on that over the next few blog posts!

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