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Rockwall Texas Law Firm protecting your kids in a divorce

Child support arrangements can be one of the most contentious and emotional issues during a divorce, but it is crucial to prioritize your children's future. At Ashmore & Ashmore Law Firm in Rockwall & Terrell Texas we help fight for you and your children.

At Ashmore & Ashmore Law Firm, our Texas child support lawyers work with parents and experts from various disciplines to determine a child support arrangement that will promote a strong future for your child. We provide legal representation for initial child support cases, including at trial as necessary, as well as modification and enforcement matters.

When determining a child support arrangement in Texas, the court will issue an order if the parents cannot agree on an acceptable agreement. Under Texas law, parents are defined as a child's biological mother and either a person who is presumed to be the child's other parent because they were married to the mother, someone who is legally determined to be the child's biological father, someone who signed an acknowledgment of paternity, or an adoptive mother or father.

The court may order parents to support their child until they are 18 years old or graduate from high school, whichever is later. Child support may also continue if the child is disabled. In most cases, the noncustodial parent is responsible for paying child support to the custodial parent.

The Texas guidelines provide a formula for calculating child support based on the parent's monthly income, minus specified deductions. The court will consider the parent's gross income, including salary, overtime, commissions, bonuses, tips, trust income, retirement income, rental income, royalty income, and other sources of funds. Child support will only apply up to a certain cap, but the court may order more based on the child's proven needs.

If there is a material and substantial change in circumstances, either parent may request a modification of the child support arrangement. This may include changes in income, additional children, changes to living arrangements, or a change in medical insurance coverage.

At Ashmore & Ashmore law firm, we understand that your child's future is of utmost importance. Our Rockall and Terrell child support lawyers are here to provide you with compassionate and knowledgeable legal representation throughout the child support process. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.


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