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Semi-Truck Accident? Let's talk evidence!

Injured in a semi accident in Texas? There are so many literal moving parts on a semi truck, they are huge and powerful vehicles that weigh a literal ton, which means they require maintenance constantly and should only be operated by certified drivers. Since these vehicles are so complex, there can be several reasons why a collision may happen with a semi-truck. Let's dive in!

Types of Evidence That Can Break a Case

In most cases, the most valuable pieces of evidence in a truck investigation include:

  • Accident reports

  • Driver qualification files (DQF), which includes the driver’s records, certifications, accident record, medical history, and driving experience

  • Black box data, which includes break logs per HOS regulations, the vehicle’s speed, and other critical information recorded during a wreck

  • Cargo details

  • Safety reports

  • Maintenance records and equipment reports

  • DOT certifications, such as hazardous waste certifications

  • Defective parts

  • Drug and alcohol tests

  • Photos and videos of the collision

  • Witness statements

This list could go on and on, so where do you begin? You need to find an experienced accident attorney to help you get through all the red tape, and legal jargon. You need an experienced accident attorney that knows a thing or two about tractor-trailers and has handled a case like your's before!

Why you need Ashmore and Ashmore

During a complex or high-profile truck wreck investigation, it is easy for victims to get lost in the shuffle. You'll be dealing with large corporations & insurance companies that can leave your head spinning. If a negligent truck driver or company caused your trauma, we can investigate the collision, collect evidence of wrongdoing, and fight to get you full compensation in a claim.Let's get started on your case today, and get you the help that you need!



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