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Texas Car Accident

What are the first steps you should take after you've been involved in an accidnet in Texas.

It's never to early to get prepared! Even if you've never been in an accident, getting prepared is the best thing to do. I mean would you have the mental capacity to deal with everything AFTER a car accident? I would be so much easier to have prepared ahead of time.

  • Whether or not YOU are responsible for the accident, you ARE NOT legally allowed to leave the scene until you have spoke to law enforcement and received permission to go. The highest priority you should have for yourself is to get to safety, with any other parties involved. Be aware of your surroundings and any hazards that could be a direct result of the accident, such as fire, leaking gas, and ongoing traffic.

  • If you believe you are seriously injured and cannot move because of it, your priority becomes seeking out emergency medical treatment. Ask anyone you can find or see to call an ambulance on your behalf. If you have not sustained any debilitating injuries, you should call 911 immediately in order to report the accident to the police, and request an ambulance if needed.

  • Never move anyone that has been seriously injured, and do not try to move yourself if you are in pain. IF you do so, you run the risk of hurting yourself even more, or worsening the injury before anyone can actually get to you to help.

  • Lastly, begin to take stock of the car accident even before help arrives. You are obligated to exchange information with all other parties involved, and should be ready to provide your name, address, license plate, and insurance information upon request. Make sure to take photos of the scene and collect accounts of all witnesses of the accident.

Getting into an accident is traumatizing in some cases, and getting prepared before the fact, can be a huge help to you IF the occasion does arise. For more information, visit our website:



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