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Want to go to Texas jail?

Hey there, Jennifer Ashmore with Ashmore and Ashmore Law Firm here. I'm here to give you the number one tip that you need, if you want to be put in jail in Texas.

And that tip is be rude to the judge. This applies if you're a criminal defendant or if you're innocent. That is the fastest way to get put into custody and get to spend the day or even the night in jail.

Make sure that you are listening to the judge, you are not argumentative, & you are being respectful. Yes, your honor, No, your honor, Yes ma'am no, sir. You're showing respect, you're not acting like you don't care. Sit up, pay attention and be respectful. These tips will get you through your hearing with the judge much faster and much easier than showing signs of disrespect.

If you find yourself needing representation, at Ashmore & Ashmore Law Firm, we have two convenient locations in Rockwall & Terrell Texas. With over 90+ combined years of experience, we are skilled and ready to represent you. We practice law in the areas of Family Law, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Real Estate Law, Business Litigation and Estate & Probate matters.

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