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What are estate terms?

We’re talking estate terms and definitions on tonight’s video! Keywords are important when it comes to knowing what your signing and setting up.

Beneficiary: A person who will receive the benefit of property from an estate or trust through the right to receive a bequest or to receive income or trust principal over a period of tim
Beneficiary Representation: In estate litigation, the fiduciary is free to retain an attorney, but the beneficiaries of the estate or trust are also free to retain an attorney to guide and advise them. When an estate attorney represents a beneficiary in litigation, it is referred to as Beneficiary Representation.

Executor (male)/Executrix (female): Named in a Will, either to serve alone or with a Co-Executor, by the testator and then appointed by the Probate Court to manage and distribute a decedent’s estate in accordance with the terms of the Will. Can also be referred to as a Personal Representative.

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