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What rights do fathers have in a Texas divorce?

Do you understand the rights that fathers have in Texas when there is a divorce or child custody disputes?

Fathers who are divorcing the other parent of their child in Texas have certain legal rights. These legal rights exist because you were married. However, it is still important for the court to address child custody and child support. Having these orders or a divorce settlement agreement that includes this information and that is approved by a judge is very helpful when it comes to enforcing father’s rights.

Depending on the custody agreement or order, the child may live primarily with one parent and visit the other on a regular or liberal basis or the child may split equal time between the parents (joint custody). This is an example shared custody, there are others, but those two are the ones most commonly used. Even if the child primarily lives with one parent and visits the other, both parents may have the legal right to make decisions related to the child. Fathers may also have the right to speak with teachers, principals, counselors, doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, dentists, and therapists. They may also have the right to request and receive copies of records related to their child.

If you’re a father and you believe that your rights have been violated or ignored and to learn more about how we may be able to help you, call us to schedule your free consultation.



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